Friday, April 6, 2007

The Non-Winners

Wasn't planning on posting today, but I just read a Blog entry by Seth Godin that rings so true for the current state of Real Cash Economy MMOs. Had to share it.

"Many systems only work when there are a lot of entries but just a few winners. Whether it's the US Open or the economics of the local gym, it's the effort and expense of the non-winners that supports the benefits of the winners. These pyramids are getting more common because of the winner-take-all nature of our world. Digg wouldn't work if there were only a few stories a day submitted. It's the stories that don't make the front page that make the front page winners succeed."
If you buy into this, then success in Entropia, or any other system, seems pretty simple. Become one of the winners, now. Or stop participating.


Jorael said...
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Jorael said...

It would be a fair pyramid scheme on EU if things would not be so random.

A newcomer can get a 20K lysterium in 3 days. How? Randomness. Marketing strategy.

I can have skills and an economic gun, and still lose like hell.

Why? Who knows.

Maybe the pyramid has to be "fixed" along the way, so only a few "chosen" ones win, while the rest of us loses.

If it depended on the player alone to climb the pyramid, most of us would already be on top.

But it seems to me that some avatars give a fart and Hof...While others camp places for months and lose without end.

Smart playing..? Or just a tremendous ammount of luck?

Neither imo.

Its the "will of the gods".