Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it a sign?

Hello Fellow Entropians and newcomers alike.
Well I started my usual Sunday routine I get up, let the dogs out, boot up the computer, removed the crusties from my eyes, and as I sat and mulled over just what the rest of the weekend had in store for me, I decided to check the new posts on Entropia Forum. Much to my surprise I see a post under the UberLoots section named "Modified EWE-40 Mercury". At first I thought it was a hoaxer because it was named Mercury instead of Mercenary but when I opened the post there was the "screenie" and in bold blue a Mod Merc (Modified EWE-40 Mercenary) was indeed in that global loot message.
A BIG congratulations and Thank you to the DarkStar Society for sharing proof of their find with the rest of us. I hope this encourages everyone to do the same, including myself.
Hopefully Mindark took stock in the fact that there was an uptick in hunting the mob(creature) that dropped this awesome weapon and maybe, just maybe, renewed the faith of the likes of not only me but every other Entropian who thought we would never see something like this again.
Is this a sign from the powers that be (Mindark) that we will see items much like this Mod Merc in future loots or is this just happen chance?
So I reach out to you fellow Entropians and newcomers alike.
  1. Is this a sign of things to come?
  2. If you are a newcomer will this affect how you participate in Entropia Universe?
  3. Has this renewed your spirit in hopes that such and item might pop up in your loot?
  4. Is this the advantage and reason to hunt big mobs now or am I reading to much into this and this is nothing more than a one time deal and we won't see an item like this again for another year?
Mindark, you have my attention and I think many others too. I guess only time will tell just how long you can keep us glued to to our screens and on the edge of our seats.


Jorael said...

Well, at least its a sign that Mindark does listen to players. Its no coincidence one dropped after a few threads on EU main forum, and i think both our blogposts also contributed.

Its funny though. I made that image of a loot window with a mod merc saying: "Forget about it"... And not even 1 week later, a mod merc drops. After years of being missing.

Coincidence..? no. definatly not.

ITs like MA is taunting those who doubt the chance of loot, such as me.

I can say, while i felt envy, i also felt happy. Some guys really crapped their pants, and that kind of loot shows that we still have the chance to get such mint treasures.

Way to go Mindark! Keep the good drops coming... (and one for me too please :P)

Chris Hackard said...

Thanks for the comment Jor. I do hope this is the first of many items drops in Entropia Universe

There are so many ways Mindark could bring back the excitement of loot. I think this Mod Merc dropping brought more notice than the last LAs that were sold.

Making the loot exciting again is what makes people play and try new things like upgrading and skilling up.

There are so many ways Mindark could enhance item drops as far as Events and just throwing a variety of items in the mix now and then I think this will make more buzz and stimulate the economy at the same time.

Once I see a Master coat, Jungle Boots, Mod MK II, Mod ML or an Ancient MM then the saying "everything still drops" will be valid in my opinion. As it stands now I am on the fence but hoping Mindark keeps up the pace and yeah drop one in my loot too (lol just a pipe dream I know).

From what I can tell this Mod Merc drop generated a 165K PED(Project Entropia Dollar) change of hands and who knows what the DS socmates will do with there share of that loot. Plus the owner of the Mod Merc (unless they are a reseller) probably went out and started hunting like gang busters after it was purchased.

I know if I looted such and item I would be hunting non stop for weeks heck even months I just look at how I responded after purchasing Protector of the Empire Armor I camped big mobs for a long long time.