Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Everything that was once lootable still is, right?

Today while I was browsing new item stats at PE Wiki, I noticed that we have such a wide variety of items in Entropia Universe some of which have not shown up in a loot in years. (yes, YEARS!) So I started thinking about it even though its a running joke in the Entropia Universe community it has been stated on more than one occasion that ALL items still drop in loot. Here are is an older quote and an answer from a more recent Q and A session from Marco, a well known and respected Mindark Official.

Marco quote from a long time ago:

The economy concerning rare items will always be limited, as the items are just that-rare. Contrary to some beliefs though - every item can be found, even a Mod FAP or an Mod Merc or an Imp Mk2.

Sep 01, 11:11 2004 - Stratics HoC

Here is a answer from one of the last Marco Q and A sessions on Entropia Forum 09-06-2006:

*The Question: Item drops, previously it has been said that all items will always drop, from the mob they dropped from before, just the frequency changes. Fair enough - but clothes stopped dropping, as did toys and certain high-level stuff. Is it still possible to loot all post-gold items? Not just mod/imp/adj stuff, but other stuff that we don’t see anymore?

Marco's Answer: Most items, that aren't "special" (like from campaigns or events), can be found, however, some are very rare.

So one would gather from the quote and answer to the question given above that every once in a while things would still drop in loot even those things which seemingly have stopped dropping like clothing and/or pre gold items and/or very good repairable items .

Now I understand Entropia Universe, formally known as Project Entropia, is an ever evolving and growing system. Some old items may not fit in line with the current direction Entropia Universe is heading. What gets me and anyone who spends any time in Entropia Universe is that most participants still desire and hope to loot such items that are, shall we say, very rare to the point of being non existent in loot. One of the things I hate the most is when a new players asks me if they can loot a Meckel and Loch ML-35 (good mid range weapon) and I all I can tell them is at one time it was possible but these days it seems near impossible. What does that tell them about Entropia Universe? That near impossibility to loot something which would actually make many a player participate even more in Entropia Universe is turning them away or making them participate less.

Above and beyond all things that Mindark has implemented, my biggest complaint is the restricting of great items in loot whether it be to inflate their price or push the new limited item system is just wrong in my opinion. Also stating that they "can be found" is misleading when Mindark controls what items drop and when. Its not like we have hidden hunting items in Entropia Universe. Maybe Mindark lost all the good items and that's what they mean. Another thought with the banking licenses for sale if there are very few items worth going to a bank to get a loan for, just how successful are those banks going to be?

It used to be that sharing your Hall of Fame loots and Global loots on the many EU forums was exciting. When I saw my first Modified Meckel and Loch in an uploaded screen shot of a loot window all I could think about was I want a loot window like that. While I never did loot such an item it was always in the back of my head each time I looted a creature that might possibly drop such and item. Every loot window was an edge of your seat experience. When I would loot decent items I would share just like others had with me. With the lack of great items loots these days sharing those achievements has turned into mostly "look at my stack of 100K animal oil" which I am happy for the person and send my "Congratulations" accordingly but I am sad also because loots with high value used to contain some of the best and most coveted items in Project Entropia/Entropia Universe. I myself have stated I won't post another screen shot of a Hall of Fame unless its a milestone or has a great item in it. Needless to say I have not had any hunting screen shots to upload recently.

Great hunting loot window screen shots from days gone by:

Recent hunting loot screen shots:

Notice a difference? I sure do.

OK this goes out to Mindark prove to us that what you say is true and all those items still drop. Drop a Storm coat here and there, let a Modified Mercenary pistol go every now and then, and drop the holy grail of First Aid Packs, THE MODIFIED FAP. People will still buy the limited stuff and dropping items like this on a more regular basis will bring back the excitement and hopes and dreams a lot of us still have, while we still have them.

Personally I have always thought you will get more bees with honey than vinegar. While I don't mind supplying crafting with animal oils and robot parts I think regulating non limited item loots to the point of non-existence is only going to cost you loyal fans of Entropia Universe. In my book you say what your going to do and then you do what you said. It builds confidence, loyalty, and trust between the participants and the developer.

So Mindark put your money where your mouth is and lets see just how lootable everything still is.


Jorael said...


Not a word less, not a word more.

U'r on the money m8 :)

Well, what will happen eventually with such low drop rates, is that the person who loots something valuable like an improved fap, or even a mod fap...

... will be hated for the rest of his EU days.

Sad but true.

Matt Barlow said...

There has to be a rational reason behind near zero probability to drop "decent" items. Someone there at MindArk has decided to make drops for rare items not just rare but practically non-existant.

The only knock-on effect from this (apart from pissing players off, who never loot such items) that I can see is the massive level of inflation in the price of these items.

Therefore MindArk by it's own actions is implicitly encouraging the price inflation by not taking measures to combat this. As far as I can see this method ensures people are depositing increasingly larger sums for items that frankly way over-priced.

Thing is Xerogs, I can't see MindArk doing a U-turn on this and increasing drop rates, I really can't.

As a medium-term player this is very frustrating for me, I would really like to reccomend EU to others, to spur it's growth forward, but I will never be able to do this when I feel so unhappy with the progression of the game.

If you ask any player what their main goals are through EU they are normally:
1. To skill up in their chosen profession, to reach 10K or above skill, increase health level, in short to become uber.
2. To Loot an uber item.
3. To achieve an All Time High.

Thing is now, 1 is impossible without a huge investment (again huge deposits required, where have I seen that before?). 2 again is nigh-on impossible without huge amounts of time and money invested.. and there is not even a guarentee you will ever loot something great. Which leaves 3, and as we have seen an ATH full of animal oils is just well plain boring.

This bee is going in search of new honey-pots.

- VV (Matt)

on said...

And still in EF forum not a word. All is nice in Eu, all is correct, each contary voice is fastelly stopped. Why?

TheftByEntropia said...

Yep, I agree that 0 items is disheartening, but having 3 parts of Eon drop in one loot really isn't sustainable now is it lol!

However, having deposited several tens of thousands of dollars into Entropia Universe and having not looted any uber items or even gotten a 10k+ HOF is just plain retarded.

Tim said...

I came into this (still great) game in late 2005 and I guess I must have killed ~50000 mobs so far. My best item loots besides 3 of 4 ESI (back when they were still GSI) were one regular MkII and two pieces of Vigi Thighs. All the rest just a shitload of stackables. Looking at the Wiki, not even the bread-and-butter amps (A103 e.g.) are dropping anymore - guess it is time to hold on to all those FAP-5 that we can get!

So all I can do is second your post - I want something better than TT fodder in my loot at least once in a while.

daveinchina said...

One loot picture has a Angel armor piece, a paradox piece, and what looks like a supremecy piece.

3 different armors in the same loot window?


Dub said...

Looks like Angel, Vain, and 2x Paladin to me :)

Chris Hackard said...

I had to go back to the orginal pic I took this from it was a 1273 ped loot Hall of Fame it has an Angel Harness M, Vain Thighs M, M and F Paladin arms, some type of Starkov, what looks like an emerald, peds, a robot part and a hangar part. This nice loot came from a Warrior 02.

Thanks for all the comments on my post they are greatly appreciated.

Chris Hackard said...

Just a few more comments well actually odd replies to the Q and A session with the Balancing manger on Entropia Forum.

Post 17
There are certain items that have disappeared completely from the game, or are stuck on old avatars not active anymore. I think it’s a shame that those items will be lost in history (and in some cases, all we have is pictures to know they existed). Not only talking about equipment, but rare clothing-pieces. We all know clothing doesn’t drop anymore so getting it back seems rather hopeless unless you plan to do something about it.
Do MindArk in any way plan for these items to have their "return" on Calypso?
Submitted by Skam

We have no plans to return these items.

Ok so contrary to what we have been told not all items are lootable right? I guess not.

Post 121
Rare Items/Ores and especially Blueprints in inactive accounts are a huge balancing problem, because they can be reactivated.
Limited Items avoid this problem.
But what will you do to balance the existing rare Blueprints (etc) in inactive accounts?
Submitted by schnups

The inactive accounts are eventually purged and the items go back to Entropia open market. All this is taken account for in the balancing.

So if someone has an ancient item and become inactive we will see that item pop up in a loot or some old clothing they once had?

I guess you can read into vague answers and form your own opinion but I have to side with Skam here I am saddened that many items will be lost to history.