Saturday, February 24, 2007

Entropia Universe Glossary

While exploring the Entropia Universe you will come across many abbreviations specific to places, items, names and the such. Here are some of the most common:

ADJ - Adjusted
ATH - All Time High
CH - Critical Hit
CHA - Critical Hit Ability
CND - Club Neverdie (Player owned location inside EU)
COS - Chance Of Success
CP - Crystal Palace (Location inside EU)
EBN - Entropia Broadcast Network
EF- Entropia Forum (Player run dicussion forum)
EP - Entropia Pioneers Forum (Player run dicussion forum)
ESI - Empty Skill Implant
EU - Entropia Universe
HA - Hit Ability
HOF - Hall of Fame
HP - Hit (or Health) Point
IMP - Improved
JASON - Jason Centre (City inside EU)
(L) - Limited
LA - Landgrab Area (society owned land)
LG - Land Grab
LMS - Land Management System
MA - Mindark
ME - Mentor Edition or Mind Essence
MF - Mindforce
MOBS - creatures/robots
MOD - Modified
OLA - Outback Land Area (player owned land)
PA - Port Atlantis (City inside EU)
PE - Project Entropia (original name for EU)
PED - Project Entropia Dollar (In world currency)
PEC - Project Entropia Cents
PK - Player Kill
PM - Private Message
PotE - Protector of the Empier (event prize armor in EU)
PVP - Player Vs. Player Mode
QR - Quality Rating
RCE - Real Cash Economy
RT - Revive Terminal
SC - Shop Container
TP - Teleport
TT - Trade Terminal
TWINS - Twin Peaks (City inside EU)
UL - Unlimited
VU - Version Update

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Anonymous said...

LMS land managment system

Xerogs said...

Thanks I updated the post with your entry :)