Monday, December 10, 2007

Version Update Cynicism

Greetings fellow Entropians and newcomers alike.

Well VU 9.1 is on its way and it will show up much faster than many of us would like. I have been around to see my fair share of Version Updates. It got me to thinking in the past year or so my attitude about VUs has changed and in my eyes changed a great deal.

I used to look forward to the new content and bug fixes Mindark would implement. I always wondered what new thing would pop up to improve my experience or make me look at Entropia Universe, or Project Entropia for the old timers, in a new way. My attitude pre-Version Update was usually on top of the world and much to my wife's dismay I would chant "VU day! VU day!" in utter excitement (yes I am still a child at heart lol) I understood that every VU would have its hiccups and issues but most of that was something I know I could work through and I think most people who enjoy EU could work through also.

Something changed within this past year. Version Updates brought about big changes many of which could not be seen in any participant's interest. Yet most participants worked through it and still continue to do so to this day. Those VUs have left a community wide cynical streak which I find even myself falling into. I find that excitement building and want to chant "VU day! VU day!" again but its soon tempered by recent Version Update experiences where I find myself saying "careful what you wish for you might just get it and not in the way you think"

Version Updates have turned into a mixed bag of emotions for me. Excitement tempered by cynicism which can turn into dread at the realization what certain so called "improvements" can and will do to the loyal community Entropia Universe continues to host.

Are many of us just becoming to jaded by the Version Update experience? Am I just loosing that "child at heart" view of Entropia Universe and now all new content will come at a cost?

I don't want to have such an attitude but lately it seems like every step forward in things that enhance the Entropian experience come with a cost that makes us take two steps back.

I miss that excited anticipation Version Updates would bring and the crazy looks my wife would give me all the while wondering who the hell is this grown man running around chanting "VU day! VU day!"


TomG said...

I'm right there with ya, Dub... It's been a long time since I've been excited about a VU.. (although, I thought that MA would redeem themselves with 9.0 only to be hit by the footguard scam) ... With 9.1, my hunting is effectively over and all I will be doing is logging in every once in a while to see if my stuff is still there...


Chris Hackard said...

Dub? lol

Its Sirhc or Chris :)

I am curious about the most recent VU aside from all the login and other glitches I kind of figured would be there after such a long downtime. I will give it my usual two week post VU break in before making a complete critique.

I just found it odd that when I reflected on this past year's VU history I slowly finding myself cringing more and more when the release dates near. Prior to this last year I can't remember having those feelings and I was usually optimistic thinking PE/EU had a bright future and I was damn glad to be a part of it.

I am still trying to keep an open mind and I am curious how CRD and Crytek 2 will work out and who knows maybe the VU day excitement will return or maybe not.

TomG said...

lol sorry, chris... was looking at another EU post when commenting... wires crossed, sparks flew... bad output...

Matthew Barlow said...

Where's the critique you promised us Dub.. I mean, Chris?


Chris Hackard said...

Hi Matt. I have actually been letting the last VU digest a bit to long plus the Holidays and being sick for a week kind of left me out of sorts after that VU was implemented. Now that I have read the next VU preview which is roughly part 2 of the last VU I might hold off on any critique until after its implemented. I will have more time and less sickness to gather my thoughts. :)

Jor said...

VU's are deceiving.

Like the woman in the red dress with the nice boobs at the end of the barcounter.

U think she's looking at ya because of your looks, but all she really wants is money.

Same for VU's.

You think MA wants to make players happier, but they don't. They just want our money.

And so, they invent shit like equipping fee's, and footguards and god knows what else is coming...

What to expect next? Additional depositing and withdraw fees? Teleporting fee's? Revival fee's?

Beware the VU's, they just come fix whatever means u had found to make some solid cash...

... and introduce new content to make you pay more for the "entertainment" you had previously.