Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3D Internet, the way of the future?

What is the evolution of the Internet?

I have been pondering this question for some time now since I started posting on Blogtropia. While I see many people joining websites like MySpace and Facebook I can't help but think those 2D sites are just one step away from creating a 3D virtual self. Are MMOs like Second Life and Entropia Universe on the cusp of something huge?

MindArk is partnering with CRD(Chinese Cyber Recreational Development Corp.) on a very ambitious 3D project which looks to me like a stab at making a 3D Internet a reality. Second Life already boasts having real world corporations present in its virtual world. I think its only a matter of time before the walls come down and your avatar will move about from world to world as freely as people visit different websites today.

There are many obstacles to hurdle on this Internet evolution but I can envision the benefits in bridging my real world career with a virtual one. I am a Designer/Drafter and I work mainly with 3D CAD (computer aided design) software. I can see the benefits of forgoing a world wide conference call and having the Engineer (China), Designer(South West USA), Marketing (North East USA), customer (Europe), and Manufacturing plant (Australia) all signing into a 3D environment to fit test and modify certain R&D projects on the spot and in real time in 3D. Talk about cutting costs when all affected parties have an immediate say on a project rather than waiting for emails and conference calls and red lines to be interpreted.

As bandwidth increases and more computers are capable of generating decent 3D graphics I think its only a matter of time before a 3D Internet weasels its way into our lives just like the current Internet already has.

Think about how this would impact your job, entertainment, and life. Computers and T.V.s are slowly becoming one, everyone is tapped into there mobile this and that, smart homes are not a thing of the future, the 2D Internet and 3D virtual worlds cannot be far behind in some form or fashion.
What do you think the internet will evolve into?


Cougar said...

Do you know what your post made remember of?

MindArk's first Press Release:

Chris Hackard said...

WOW cougar thanks for the link. That was a really interesting read and adds a little insight into MindArks Mission I think.

Jor said...

This reminds me of Johnny Mnemonic when he enters the web.

And also Minority Report handling system.

Yep 3D Internet will be mainstream someday.

Kate said...

Web 3D is here for engineers working on product development. It's only a matter of time before it seeps into our everyday living. I personally think we'll be functioning in full-on mixed reality environments, with real-time 3D being a universal language. 3D has already infiltrated the world of sports in many ways, and this, like 3D, is pretty universal. Checkout the 3DSports blog . . . http://share-sports.3ds.com/