Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Event or System Stress Test? You make the call!

Hello Fellow Entropians new and old. Well the sun has risen or is rising or will rise for The Animal Kingdom event sometime today. My initial response to reading the first EBN (Entropia Broadcasting Network) messages was "finally a reason to sign on an incentive a motivational tool" just like what I spoke of in my last post. Needless to say I was jazzed to get home and sign on and hunt some of these mobs just to have a chance at maybe some decent loots.

The first couple of days were spent hunting Eomons in teams. The lag was intense but I initially chalked that up due to the large amount of avatars and mobs in one location. Overall I was surprised at how EU was handling the traffic and other than a couple of loots being lost to the lagging loot server hamster it was negligible. I thought to myself "Awesome this will be the event to top all events!" the reason I thought this was this was one of the few times and Event was held for all levels of participants in EU. We had high level Exos, high level Armax, full range of Eomon and a robot invasion of the oil rig in PVP2.

The weekend showed up all to quickly and just getting close to the Event mob spawns was a lesson in frustration due to intense lag. Its about this time I really started to think about what was really going on even though I was in trying to deny it because "Its an Event man! Mindark wouldn't screw with their biggest motivational tool.............would they?" Packing tons of mobs, tons of avatars, and tons of loot transactions into some of the laggiest areas in Entropia Universe, like Twin Falls seems to me more like a system stress test than an actual Event. I tried to remain optimistic and each day tried to hunt the Event mobs which became increasingly difficult and frustrating due to lost loots or crashing. Large events in the past never seemed to suffer so much........there was lag but never this extreme.

I guess if they would have given us a disclaimer like: Mindark is currently doing a system stress test and we need all avatars to hunt mobs in extreme lag with the possibility of loosing some loot due to the lag. I don't think many people including myself would have participated in the so called "Event" I guess it was a smart tactic, they got enough of my PED and got to test the system, but at the same time I can't help but wonder why the event just sort of fizzled into a quagmire of lag, glitches, and CTDs instead of something truly unique (like Events in the past) even if it is a system stress test of some sort.

Overall I am happy Mindark thought of every level of hunter in this "Event" well when they could actually hunt and loot the beasts. I am still trying to wrap my head around why this event was so anticlimactic towards the end. I have no idea if Mindark was testing the system but it seems like it or instead of improving Entropia Universe since the last Eomon migration and Atrox Queen Event they have in fact made it digress I sure hope this is not the case.

So I have to ask all my fellow Entropians, was it an Event or a System Stress Test? You make the call!

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Matt Barlow said...

i think it's pretty obvious that it was a combination of the two. And both were found lacking.

I mean what was the point of the whole event? I didn't see a new ATH. I didnt see any really cool new items. Loot on average wasn't much better. Although if you were able to hunt eomons in a team it was kinda fun... until the "this creature can not be damaged or sweated" blah blah message kept occuring.

Loot lags were crazy, revive lags were sometimes up to 10 mins!. 10 mins lying there, only to revive not be able to teleport back, then die, and rinse repeat.

I hope MindArk learnt from this. I really can't see why they didn't just create a shed load more spawns of the event mobs and dot them over every server.