Monday, March 5, 2007

Charging for Support?

The following support case snippet came from a player who believes he may have lost an item due to a bug. There were precious few details he could provide support, and the item was one of very low value. Their response was interesting.

Support employees and their salaries are liabilities paid out of the economy. The idea of limiting the amount of time a single player can tie up support with dozens of needless cases is intriguing. Consider the recent fishing expedition for an Unlimited Korss. All the work that went on behind the scenes dealing with that case - we paid for it. And it was all a sham.

In a world where it's free for anyone to play, am I crazy or is charging for certain types of support a great idea? Certain types of support would have to remain free, and maybe $100 is a bit steep, but the concept of a support tax is growing on me.

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Loco said...

LocoHeres what i think of it...Its just sick! charge a 100$ for something like that, i mean how hard can it be to search for an specific item?
In my opinion MA is building a big wall around them, its a big shame!