Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things they keep on changing...

Pretty much the back bone of Entropia Universe revolves around loot that is attained either through hunting mobs (creatures), mining resources, and/or crafting goods from raw materials. People gain skills through using equipment and weapons in EU. These skills are meant to increase your avatar's ability to perform actions more efficiently which reduces cost or allows you to tackle tougher tasks in EU.

Things have changed a great deal since I started out as a fresh eyed nooblet in Project Entropia. Mindark has definitely made it more appealing to newer players these days (5K is the new 10K in skills) From what I see there are two factions, new players who become efficient using (L) equipment early on and players who have been around skilling up to become efficient on non limited high end equipment. If I were to start today I would find it quite a daunting challenge to become efficient with a A-3 Justifier Improved MKII (imk2) while some of the newer Limited (L) weapons seem like a much more attainable goal. The higher loots(5K peds +) in low-mid mobs basically sealed the deal to keep newer players from moving up in skill to use non Limited(L) weapons and gear. While I think there will be those pioneering spirits who won't let the 5K skill slow down and expensive high end equipment stop them from trying to get to 10K and beyond, I dont think there will be as many as in days past. With the recent changes in the equipment stats, skill system, and loot system we will see new and old players revaluating their goals. From my point of view this has driven a wedge in the community and left many mid level veterans not knowing which avenue to take.

While its looking more and more like the Entropia Universe (EU) will contain a good mix of Limited (L) items and non limited (L) items the impact of the limited (L) items is being felt in a lessening demand for non limited (L) items. Since the majority of new players will latch onto the limited (L) experience and become successful using that system, the need to reach high skill levels to become efficient using high end items will lessen as time goes on so demand for those high end items will lessen.

With each new Version Update (VU) Entropia Universe (EU) steers further and further away from what the Project Entropia (PE) was all about. I am one for change and growth but these days its seems like Entropia Universe has a split personality. Will I one day have an "Ahhhaaa" moment where I share in Mindark's vision for the Entropia Universe or will it change so completely people will look upon anyone with skills above 10K as an oddity from a long lost part of Entropia Universe............ah what as it again? ohhhh yeah Project Entropia.

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Jorael said...

Son, i've told you a thousands times not to play with your skills.

But mom!!! Mindark keeps changing them!

No buts!