Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Virtual Malls Profitable?

Today Mindark announced via Press Release that their recently auctioned Malls are big successes.

"Before the malls were put on sale there was some speculation in the media if this would be a profitable venture for the avatars of Entropia Universe. We are happy to announce that it certainly is.

Within just two weeks of purchasing the Twin Peaks mall from Onkel RobRoy Bob, NeoMaven sold 29 of the 32 mall shops, resulting in not only a recovery of the entire mall purchase price, but a substantial profit as well."

Complete press release here
I wonder why the other two mall owners weren't asked to comment. Possibly because their malls went for twice as much and have ~50% occupancy rates. Might they still be profitable someday? Of course. But announcing that the malls were "certainly" profitable might be a bit premature, don't you think?


GreyArea said...

Well from what I have seen in Entropia Universe over the last virtual lands to be bought i.e Treasure Island and C.N.D they seem to be doing very well.With the rapidly growing population of Entropia Universe the more shoppers and resellers will emerge soon.

Anonymous said...

neo = news

isnt that how it works, big avatars are big news. if some total noob showed up and did it no one would say anything but since it is a promient player with a big name in the game its news.

*a loot pool filling noobie*