Monday, February 26, 2007

Are Hanger owners being neglected by Mindark?

Hangar estates are one of the oldest properties setup in EU strictly to make some extra PED yet they have been shoved by the wayside to make room for Land Areas, Malls, Shops, and Banks.

Many people have reasons for buying a Hangar some were waiting on eventual space flight, some to make some extra PED shuttling people to and fro, and some just on the speculation that real estate, even virtual real estate, will go up in price. Current Hangar prices range in value from $5500.00 USD to $7000.00 USD and look to continue to rise as demand outweighs supply.

I have witnessed many things since Club Neverdie(one of the two destinations pilots can fly to) was introduced, from a concerted effort from most pilots to get a decent passenger/pilot Que system in place, to Rogue pilots breaking those rules and paying for it in reputation loss and animosity from the so called "Pilots Mafia" .

I have yet to see any improvement to the hangar system or other options for people to get to where they want to go from the developers. So I have to ask myself are Hangar owners being neglected by Mindark and just what can Mindark do to improve the current situation to make it better for pilots and passengers?

Well each VU(version update) I see new content added, new malls , new banks, new crafting interfaces, many many things yet hangars remain as they were pretty much since the beginning. So in essence I think pilots and their profession have been over looked by Mindark. I was a Hangar owner once, while I liked having a ship, ultimately I lost faith MA would put forth a decent space flight addition and to make any PED owning a hanger otherwise, was a lesson in patience. I was one of the people who purchased their hangar in hopes of actually flying around the Entropia Universe and visiting other places. Land Areas, Malls, Banks, and limited item introductions made me realize upgrading the current space flight system in EU is probably low on the MA priority list so I opted out, a pilot no more. I could be wrong...........please Mindark......please prove me wrong on this one.

Before I sold my Hanger I did give much thought on how Mindark can improve upon the current space travel system in general. First off pilots need, and need it now, a ticketing type system or a travel terminal where they can sell their commodity (flights to Crystal Palace Space Station and the Asteroid resort Club Neverdie) Secondly pilots need to be able to use their cargo holds instead of just an eye candy compartment make these usable and give the pilots and ability to shuttle personal cargo from hunters and miners for a fee. All goods once delivered to the surface could automatically transferred to the owners online storage. Thirdly and I am sure this is in some development stage make more places for pilots to go but only after the ticketing system is in place. On a couple side notes there have been some ideas about automating the flight service entirely. Last but not least its been promised for a long time bring space flight to the people and more options to and from Calypso and the outer regions of the system.

I feel for pilots, I used to be a Hangar owner myself and realize just how much Mindark could improve the system which would make it better for the Pilots and the passengers. Its a win win situation MA stop neglecting the Hangars and their owners.

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