Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Banks and Policy Changes nothing new here.

I was reading through this thread on Entropia Forum Clarification about Entropia banking operations and I realized that really there is nothing new here.

This seems to be standard operating procedure for Mindark. When they have an agenda to push, which in this case is the new Banking licenses, they will do what is necessary to make it work and be successful.

When I first heard they were releasing the Banking licenses I knew well in advance changes like this would be implemented. My only surprise is that they came this late in the game after the licenses were sold.

Its a fine line for MindArk, where do they draw the line for officially licensed business opportunities and those which are thought up and acted upon outside the realm of their control? I don't envy them in the tough choices they need to make on this.

The Banks, Malls, and Land Areas have been big press for MindArk and I can see them doing everything in their power to unsure that these high dollar items are successful so when they develop the next big thing internal and external investment will be more apt to deposit and buy into the idea. I mean really could you see the how big of a flop it would be if a player ran Bank or loan type service outside of the licensed banks outperformed and out profitted and officially licensed product by MindArk? It would make big news but not necessarily in favor of other high dollar investments in Entropia Universe.

By this change in policy MindArk is making all of us aware of the risk of using a loan system outside the realm of the Banking licenses. Plus they are covering their collective asses by basically saying if you get scammed "to bad so sad" and to the people offering these services if you have one complaint well you are a "scammer" and your account is locked. I don't know if the reward outweighs the risk in this instance. If I had a lot of PED(Project Entropia Dollar) tied up in Entropia Universe I wouldn't want to risk that when at any one time someone can cry "scammer" and have my account locked. Just look at the Hangar owners and all the troubles they go through when someone breaks rank and tries to be competitive and that is just for a few PEDs here and there, these banks will be big money.

I can see both sides to this and in reality nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to policy changes within the Entropia Universe. In fact I expect them especially when big money and big press is at stake and MindArk is pushing an agenda. Why would any of us expect less?

We all choose to be a part of Entropia Universe through the good and the bad. Mindark employees are just as human as we are and bound to make mistakes like we all do. Big Money can give you tunnel vision and I hope they take a step back now and then so they don't loose complete touch with people who sign on day in and day out.

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